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Welcome to RajBhai Jewellery Display Blog

Welcome to RajBhai Jewellery Display Blog

RajBhai is proud to present new range of our innovative line of jewellery displays. We are manufacturer and serving jewellery display stands since 1968, we design the products consistent with the customer demand and these products are versatile & capable of holding any sort of jewellery. RajBhai provide a crisp clean presentation and people known by our quality. 

Our products are bespoke to display rings, necklace set, earrings, bangles, bracelets and watches of just about any shape or size. RajBhai is committed to providing our customer with the very best quality jewellery displays within the industry. we've been providing custom jewellery displays Stands Also and jewellery showcases that are all made to order.

If you're within the jewellery industry and you're looking the way to increase your sales, then we've many displays stands and Boxes which will put you within the best position to maximize your jewellery sale and that we build our products around what sells jewellery clean presentations and the way highlighting the jewellery, not the display, in order that is extremely important part which we always confine mind while making products.

With over 300 sorts of jewellery display stands available online, you’ll surely find the proper one for consistent with your budget & preferences. Don’t forget to require a glance at our all the selections of jewellery holders, jewellery organizers and jewellery boxes to form sure you’re ready to arrange, store & display your precious items in style!

We at RajBhai have created this blog to not only inform our customers of what we inventions and innovations they will anticipate to seeing within the way forward for the jewellery display industry, but we also want our customers to supply your thoughts and concepts regarding new products and innovations.


Let’s Inspect Hot Selling Products



This stand is formed of highest quality wood and velvet fabric and there are numerous color & size options like black, blue & maroon and Size 8",12", 15" 18", 21", 24", we will also provide the customization as per our customer requirement in color, size and styles.


Very beautiful, Unique and astonishingly designed, this lovely jute jewellery dummy is decorated in an ingenious jute motif which will definitely offer a very unique and impressive presentation of your jewellery, 3 color options are available like brown color jute dummy, cream color jute dummy, camel color jute dummy in many sizes.


Beautiful and amazingly designed, this lovely half face jewellery dummy, it’s very latest and trendy design for the display for the auspicious necklace pieces. 2color option available (white & black)

Stylish and attractive, this cardboard & velvet base jewellery box to great and stylish manner of storing, arranging the pieces of jewellery , many sizes, colors and style available.


About Quality & designs

Choosing your jewelry box from the massive selection at Chasing Treasure will allow you the liberty to settle on a box that meets your requirements and wishes.

Our beautiful boxes will grace your jewelry and keep it safe. Beautiful velvet and leather are our hottest jewelry stands and Boxes we've an enormous array for you to settle on from. Gorgeous design pieces made up of cardboard like acrylic, plastic, wood, and with superior leather & velvet insure your choice are going to be an extended lasting place to deal with your jewelry collection. Finishes on our jewelry boxes range from good fabric and matte finishes to high gloss. you'll also select from many styles with amazing inlays of contrasting also. Shop quality velvet, leather, rotational and LED jewelry boxes. Choose from velvet boxes, leather cases, acrylic boxes, resin designs, LED boxes, watch valets, face dummy, bangle boxes & more. If you are looking for the right jewelry box for your shop, exhibition or personal use, so it are often a thoughtful and unique choice. Our quality boxes keep your valuables jewelry to assist ensure a longtime of use.


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